Antking’s vision is to be a leading reliability company providing software consultant and development services in South East Asia.


Antking’s mission is to make innovative ideas come true and deliver top class quality software solutions to clients.

Ratio of Antking Employee

Ratio of employee of Antking

- Kept the team size from 30-35 engineers
- Established the second Offshore Team for a new Australia company
- Established the first Offshore Team for a Singapore company
- Doubled Team size to 30 engineers
- Established the first Offshore Team for an Australia company
- Got new clients from US and Australia
- Tripled team size to 15 engineers
- Moved to new office in District 12, HCMC. (The head office)
- Antking was established by Mr. Truong Trong Nghia and Mr. Nguyen Minh Tan with 4 new graduate engineers
- The first office was a small room of Mr. Truong Trong Nghia
- The first client was from Singapore


Antking is thriving under the leadership of the young and passionate executive team.

Nghia Truong

Nghia Truong


“Fellow who has passions, great passions to influence on people to create the great things.”

Tan Nguyen

Tan Nguyen

Man Power

“To make your big dream come true, let learn what you can, do what you can and find people to help what you can not do.”

Trung Vu

Trung Vu


“Good is the enemy of great.” - James C. Collins