Mobile App Development

You would love to work with a mobile app development company that has ample experience in creating both iPhone and Android apps. Our team of best mobile app developers and designers ensure feature-packed applications of different types including eCommerce, Social Media, Multimedia and GPS-based apps, built using the best language to develop mobile apps:

  • Swift – SwiftUI – ObjectiveC
  • Kotlin – Java.

Mobile App Development

Antking has a dedicated team of React Native mobile app developers who have the complete knowledge of React Native JavaScript framework and have created exceptional cross-platform mobile apps for Android and iOS. We have the experience of building various apps based on React Native platform including Social Media and eCommerce mobile applications.

Antking has a dedicated team of Fluter mobile app developers who have the complete knowledge of Flutter framework and have created exceptional cross-platform mobile apps for Android and iOS. We have the experience of building various apps based on Flutter platform including Social Media and eCommerce mobile applications.

Web Application Development

Constructing a website from scratch is no mean feat. It involves quality traffic, awesome designs and compelling content; getting your customers and clients to stay takes more than just putting two and two together. Lucky for you, our experienced website developer and designers know just how to do it.

With two stock banks and two assigned designers for each project, we ensure that our clients get a variety of styles to choose from – and that’s rare for other web agencies! Furthermore, our use of CMS, no yearly fees for content adding, and the extremely easy to use User Interface allows for updating capabilities anywhere, anytime.

Different businesses have different needs, and to fully capture what you require, you will find our extensive range of capabilities adequate to engage your customers and make them remember you. Blog, Discussion Boards/Chat Room, News & Article, Knowledge Base, Site Search, Events Calendar

Web Application Development

Premium services
On-site meetings at your convenience
Extensive research & pitching of ideas in the
initial phases of the project
On-site trainings
Customised mobile versions of your website

That’s what the powerful and aesthetically-inclined Eames couple believed in – caring about what their customers wanted. With our Premium Web Design package, we take a leaf out of the Eames’ page, and give you an experience of a highly tailored service that will ease your mind and take your worries off your shoulders.

Your web development project shouldn’t be a chore to manage. After all, our expertise should make things pretty easy.

So why should one engage a web design company in Singapore? Many people do know how to design websites, but when the going gets tough, we as a dedicated and professional web design company, aims to make things less strenuous on your end, by bringing you a host of benefits with our Premium Web Design package.

Take advantage of an online platform to conduct in-depth online marketing and bring your business from side-project status to the bestselling store in the industry! If you are new to the technical aspects of web development for eCommerce, our web developers are more than happy to help you so that you can focus on developing your business.

Browse our eCommerce Websites Portfolio for a view of what we can help you achieve for your website.

Sign up for our eCommerce package today! We provide you and your business with customised eCommerce design and solutions.

You can also call us for a quote to find out more about eCommerce website cost.

What we have done:
Tuition Portal
Food Catering
Property Listing
Product Listing
Food Delivery
And more…

If you are looking for an online presence or an eCommerce website design with customisable needs, you’ve come to the right place.

At Antking, we understand that every project is a special one, and sometimes what you are looking for goes beyond simple templates or the standard eCommerce packages in Singapore.

We specialise in custom programming using PHP, and we’ll get the custom applications working just the way you want. We are seasoned professionals with an established in-house team covering all aspects of the project (from content creation to meticulous programming). For each project, we assign a Project Manager and a Business Analyst to guide you towards your goals.

With our excellent team, you can be sure that we are the ideal choice for your custom website, and believe us, the only limit is your imagination.


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